There has rarely been a more volatile marketplace and living environment in most of our lifetimes. Between changes in material prices, changes in working practices and movement, and often tighter margins, it is vital our planning and contingency is carefully considered.

The job of Adastra Access is to ensure our customers, and those contracted to a project, have suitable safe access to complete the job in hand. A lot of thought goes into the decision of what is best solution. With decades of experience we can typically recognise the correct solution very quickly. In addition to this, we have gained a reputation for providing the right answer and reliable efficient delivery, even when the solution required is highly innovative.

In our own industry of access systems, technology is constantly evolving, which means an access solution on a previous project may not be the best solution in this instance. It may even be completely unavailable after that period of time. So as the old adage goes: ‘never assume’.

The importance of early engagement with suppliers certainly isn’t unique to our own service, but it is a service that can completely halt a project. How can you complete work with no access…?

So here are some of the key reasons why you should engage early with us on your next project:

Ensure all solutions are available

Most projects will allow for multiple access solutions that each offer various pros & cons. Although Adastra Access has one of the largest equipment fleets in the market, ensuring the availability of the most suitable equipment for your project and budget at 2 weeks notice will be less likely than at 2 months notice. This could be due to contract availability or even transportation requirements.

With multiple locations UK-wide, we are ideally placed to react quickly and provide service across the whole of the country.

Allow time for innovative options

Sometimes, with a little thinking time, an innovative solution could provide better access at a cheaper price for our customers. Also, with time to be innovative we have often been able to come up with access solutions no one else has.

If access systems are regular requirement for your organisation, we advise keeping in touch with our sales team, and we’ll make sure to keep in touch with you! There are regular technology advancements in the industry that may help future projects.

Create contingency

We previously mentioned the volatility of the marketplace, and projects regularly run into issues that require flexibility. Therefore the importance of a contingency plan is always very sensible.

Alerting the relevant authorities

Oftentimes partial street closures or contraflows are required when utilising mastclimbers and suspended access systems. You may then need to provide suitable notice to the relevant authorities in order to arrange this. We are able to provide consultation and support in this process.

Supply Chain Engagement

As we all know, access is required by and can affect all parts of the supply chain. We can therefore engage with the entire supply chain on behalf of our customer in order to prepare a fully collaborative system that suits everyone and facilitates the smooth running of a project.

Time to alter project design

Assumptions in design are dangerous. So make sure you understand your access requirements and the difficulties this may cause with implementation in reality. We love a challenge and have never fallen short with solutions. However, small alterations in construction processes etc. may be required to make things easier for both parties.


It’s all about timing- and our support and expertise come as standard; you simply have to take advantage of it!